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Participants rediscover fun through meaningful recreational activities that may include music therapy, exercise, arts & crafts, games, special events and outings. As services become needed, Adult Day Centers are able to provide personal care including assistance in the restroom, assistance with walking, incontinent care, and assisted dining.

Family caregivers can easily experience burn-out.  Studies show that in order to maintain good mental health, a caregiver should take at least 4 hours per week to enjoy recreational activities away from the person for whom they care.  Adult Day Programs are a perfect solution, caring for the loved one while a caregiver takes a break.  After a few hours of rest or recreation, they return refreshed and ready to provide loving care again.

Good for Caregivers...

Services  Typically Offered

What are Adult Day Services?

Good for Participants...

Participants of Adult Day Programs enjoy a unique opportunity to engage with other adults who have similar experiences and backgrounds.  Individual strengths are enhanced throughout the day with age-specific activities and personal care given as needed by an experienced, compassionate team of professionals.  


Adult Day Services provide a variety of health, social and other related support services in a structured setting during the day.  The typical participants are people needing assistance or supervision, including people affected by Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's or other dementias. Physically frail elderly people often participate as well. Some programs also care for younger adults with disabilities.